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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

XMind scroll problem

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 More options Apr 7, 9:48 pm
XMind (and other Eclipse applications) do currently not show up in the
new global menu, which is used in Ubuntu Natty Narwhale (11.04).
See here:
Workarounds for this type problems can be found on the following site:

In essence: the command to run XMind from the command line is now:
"APPMENU_DISPLAY_BOTH=1 /usr/local/xmind/xmind"
(without quotes)

The site does not mention how to start applications affected by this
bug from the main menu, which requires a slightly different command.
This can be done by changing the command in the main menu to:
"/bin/sh -c  'APPMENU_DISPLAY_BOTH=1 /usr/local/xmind/xmind'"
(again without quotes).
The program 'alacarte' can be used for this, just as in previous gnome

This specific setting (APPMENU_DISPLAY_BOTH=1) causes the normal AND
the global menu to be shown. It will be therefore noticed when the bug
is fixed, so the main menu can be resetted.



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