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Monday, February 23, 2009

Automatically Bcc an Address on Every Message in Mac OS X Mail

My Apple Mail seems to leak its memory or at least performs less. If I keep it on, then it uses more than one GB of memory, slowing down overall speed. Mail is doing something, which I cannot figure out. I initially thought it would be because of IMAP protocol, but even if I use only POP3, nothing changes.

So, I decided to use less of Mail. Whichever mails sent to my account are automatically forwarded to my gmail account. I automatically download all emails arrtived at my Google account using POP. Make certain actions based on mail contents. Then, all of my replied emails should be bcc'd to a separate account other than or gmail. edu. I choose my account.

The followings explain how to ask Apple Mail to sent a bcc to my account, implicitly. During I send any mail, I wouldn't notice that bcc'd one is sent.

To auto-Bcc a copy of every message you send from Mac OS X Mail to a particular email address.
* Open Terminal.
* Type "defaults read UserHeaders".
* Press Enter.
* If that command returns "The domain/default pair of (, UserHeaders) does not exist", then, type "defaults write UserHeaders '{"Bcc" = "bcc@address"; }'" (excluding the outermost quotation marks) and replace bcc@address with the address you want to be used for the automatic copy.