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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Reference sheet for natbib usage

The natbib package has two basic citation commands, \citet and \citep for textual and parenthetical citations, respectively. There also exist the starred versions \citet* and \citep* that print the full author list, and not just the abbreviated one. All of these may take one or two optional arguments to add some text before and after the citation.
\citet{jon90}     -->    Jones et al. (1990)
\citet[chap. 2]{jon90}     -->    Jones et al. (1990, chap. 2)
\citep{jon90}     -->    (Jones et al., 1990)
\citep[chap. 2]{jon90}     -->    (Jones et al., 1990, chap. 2)
\citep[see][]{jon90}     -->    (see Jones et al., 1990)
\citep[see][chap. 2]{jon90}     -->    (see Jones et al., 1990, chap. 2)
\citet*{jon90}     -->    Jones, Baker, and Williams (1990)
\citep*{jon90}     -->    (Jones, Baker, and Williams, 1990)

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