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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Restarting LSF deamon after electric outage

When I got a notice of a total electric outage of my building, yesterday I shutdown all the nodes of my cluster, being managed by LSF. Those nodes include 18 worker and 1 master nodes.

By advises from Platform Inc., I did the followings:

1. Login as a root:
  sudo bash

2. Login as a lsfadmin:
  su - lsfadmin

3. type and enter the following:
  lmgrd -c /opt/lsf/conf/license.dat

4. Log out lsfadmin to be root again, and start lsf deamon:
  /etc/init.d/lsf_daemons start

(to stop, one can use the following command. But, I did not.)
  /etc/init.d/lsf_daemons stop

No need to be a root but lsfadmin to do the followings.

A few of my nodes has two quad-cores, open lsf.conf file

  vi /opt/lsf/conf/lsf.conf

and at the end of the file put a line:


Then, reconfigure LSF:

  lsadmin reconfig
  badmin mbdrestart

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