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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Yuewei Liu's defense

Yuewei Liu successfully defended her MS thesis entitled, "Large Scale Monte Carlo Simulation of Crossflow Membrane Filtration for Removal of Particulate Materials," in Dec. 3rd, 2007.


Holmes 287, 2:00 pm

Right before her defense.

(Wei-xi and Yuewei)

(Yuewei and Mungfa)

(Albert, Yuewei, and Seojin)
Holmes hall is wireless-connected!

(Albert, Yuewei, and Nam)
Near Diamond Head after the Yuewei's defense

1 comment:

Yuewei said...

I attribute this success to Dr. Kim. He paid a lot for my thesis.

And I am very grateful for his great support in the past two years.

We also make a deal to meet together ten years later, which will spur all of us to work harder, to be more successful.

What a wonderful day!

Give thanks to God!