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Sunday, July 1, 2007

Useful LSF commands

The following commands can be executed in the Linux shell prompt to see status of queuing system, LSF (Load Sharing Facility) from Platform Computing Inc.
  • bacct - displays accounting statistics about finished jobs
  • bhist - displays historical information about jobs
  • bhosts - displays hosts and their static and dynamic resources
  • bjobs - displays information about LSF jobs (e.g. bjobs -u all)
  • bsub - submits a batch job to LSF
  • bpeek - displays the stdout and stderr output of an unfinished job
  • bqueues - displays information about queues.
  • lsclusters - displays configuration information about LSF clusters
  • lshosts - displays static resource information about hosts.
  • lsid - displays the current LSF version number, the cluster name, and the master host
  • lsload - displays load information for hosts
  • lsinfo - displays all load sharing configuration information
  • lsmon (xlsmon) - displays load information for LSF hosts and periodically updates the display
  • lsrun - submits a task to LSF for execution.

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